Union Square Hospitality Group (“USHG”) believes that reliable and conscientious members of our team should be recognized and rewarded.  USHG values employees who report to work on time for their scheduled shifts, work the entirety of their scheduled shifts, maintain periods of flawless attendance, and timely punch in and out for their shifts and breaks.  Employees who excel in these areas are consistently on the side of their colleagues and assist the restaurant in running smoothly and efficiently.  USHG has decided to reward our employees who excel in these areas with a monthly attendance award based on the guidelines outlined in this policy.


Non-exempt, full-time employees who have successfully completed new hire training on site-at the restaurant, prior to the beginning of a relevant fiscal period, will be eligible to receive a monthly attendance award.   “Relevant fiscal period” will be measured in accordance with the fiscal periods for Union Square Hospitality’s (“USHG”) fiscal year.

Full-time employees are defined as employees who work 32 hours or more per week during the entire relevant period.

To be eligible to receive an attendance award, an employee must also be employed during the entire relevant period.

To be eligible to receive an attendance award, an employee must also be employed at the time that USHG grants the attendance award.

Eligibility will also be based upon an employee’s ability to meet the following criteria during the relevant quarter:  

1.         Attendance

·         An employee must work all scheduled shifts;

·         If an employee cannot work a scheduled shift, s/he must notify a manager and obtain a manager’s pre-approval through Hot Schedules/Sling to swap the shift with another employee and the swap must actually take place during the same pay period as the scheduled shift; and

·         An employee must not have any unscheduled PTO.[1]


2.         Reporting to Scheduled Shifts on Time and Completion of Scheduled Shifts

·         An employee must have no late arrivals;

·         An employee must have no early departures; and

·         An employee must complete each scheduled shift.

ü  (A call-out, even if made in accordance with USHG’s Time and Attendance policy or any other communication protocol applicable to USHG, will disqualify an employee from eligibility).

3.         Time Clock Management

·         An employee must have the required time clock punches for each shift worked.  For example, during a six hour shift, an employee must have the following four punches: shift arrival, shift departure, lunch/break start time and lunch/break end time.

·         An employee must clock-in at the time of arrival or departure.

ü (A punch made after-the-fact and/or at the request of an employee’s manager will disqualify an employee from eligibility).

·         An employee must make his/her own timeclock punches.

ü (A punch made by a colleague is against otherwise applicable USHG and USHG policy and will disqualify an employee from eligibility).

·         An employee must clock-in at his/her arrival time, ready for service. 


USHG will celebrate employees who meet the eligibility components outlined above by providing the following monthly attendance award:

·         FOH & BOH Hourly employee: $100 bonus, paid in the employee’s paycheck, subject to payroll taxes


USHG will distribute attendance awards within 14 business days following the completion of the relevant month.  An employee must be employed on the date of distribution to be eligible to receive an attendance award.


The eligibility requirements in this policy are used to determine eligibility for quarterly attendance awards ONLY and are not related to any other USHG or USHG policies concerning time and attendance and/or applicable communication protocol for call-outs.  USHG reserves the right to modify and/or suspend this policy at any time.

[1] An absence pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (“FMLA”) will not disqualify an employee from eligibility.

Time off that is otherwise protected by federal, state and/or local laws will not count as an absence or lateness for the purposes of the policy.

The following absences will not disqualify an employee from eligibility: a pre-approved absence taken in accordance with USHG’s PTO policy, military leave of absence, bereavement leave, weather days declared by USHG, holidays declared by USHG and witness/jury duty.