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8/4 Meeting Recap

Social/Team Building -

·         SAVE THE DATE #1 - We’ve committed to the date of August 21st in the early evening as our next Community Council social gathering.  Place is TBD, but we agreed it will NOT be a USHG business.  I will send out a calendar invite, but I’m looking to all of you to throw out some ideas on where we should go.  BYO$ for beverages.

·         SAVE THE DATE #2 – Tuesday, September 8th is the next Council Meeting – We are going to use this date to invite everyone from the company to the BPC Shack Track and Field as well as a “tour” of BPC businesses (Start at Shack for a post-run beer, say hi to the peeps at the Conrad, move to Blue Smoke for bites and beverages, and finish up at NEG for $1 oysters)

**  Gretchen will work with Sara & Jason Gore to see if we can move our meeting later by 30 mins. so that we can finish closer to ST&F start time.

                **  Gretchen/Allan/Alison/Chip/Emily will work to maximize communication around the invite, connect with our BPC leaders, and post on inside.ushg.

·         IN PROGRESS –

{C}o   Sophia presented more information around the Barista Olympics and the committee will be reconvene to figure out a plan around activating and possibly building out with other events (cocktail classic, top chef, etc.) 


Community Outreach -

·         Alison reported back on the work BPC shack did with the Women’s Prison Association, and she and Tess are continuing to have conversations on how USHG and Shack might collaborate with future programs.

·         Katie reported back that the Brooklyn Area Shacks are all working together once a month to make sandwiches for City Harvest

·         The newly created USE Community Committee will be doing a Hudson River clean up and happy hour this communing Monday.

·         The Blue Smoke team will be visiting the NYC Edible Schoolyard on Friday, August 22nd from 10am-2pm to harvest fruit and veggies and learn about the program.  We have FOUR opening to give away to Council members.  ***Please email me if you are interested in a slot – I will honor them at a first come first served basis.

·         Gretchen is connecting with our City Harvest person to try and find dates in the next month or two to commit to repacks to offer up to our broader teams.


Company-Wide Connecting

·         We’re moving forward with the proposed idea of a company-wide picnic and after-party in April-May 2015.  Next steps are for Nicole, Tess, Ron and Alison to present to the Executive Committee for buy-in and permission to proceed.  Once we get the green light, the entire council will begin to work on the planning.

·         Catherine proposed we do a company-wide “cookbook” project that gathered recipes, photos, stories etc. from all of our businesses and turned them into a cookbook of sorts.  Books would be for sale in-house and proceeds could go to a charity of our choice.  She’ll be following up with a proposal.



·         We’ll work to have a “community” spotlight section on inside.ushg by the end of week.

·         Gretchen & Chip will send a monthly round up of all of our businesses activities – goal will be to send out the first Monday of every month.