2017 Community Council Application

Community Council Commitments, Goals and Criteria

  1. The council will meet 6 times per year. Meetings will serve as work sessions and info sharing and the expectation is a commitment to attend at least 5 of 6 meetings. 
  2. There will be a number of community investment opportunities available to the broader USHG family. It is expected that council members will be the main point of communication regarding these opportunities within their business unit, as well as participate in these opportunities whenever able. 
  3. There will be a limited number (approximately 2-3) of larger annual community investment opportunities that will be available to Council members only. The hope is that members will attend all, the expectation is a commitment to attend at least 2. 
  4. All applicants must be a USHG employee for at least 6 months, be in good standing at their business and have the approval of their Chef/GM or Business Leader.

 *** Applications are due by FRIDAY, May 5th ***

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