Subject: USHG Community Council – 4/14/2014

Dear Colleagues,

I’m excited and proud to share that we are ready to re-establish the USHG Community Council. USHG’s Community Council was created in 2006 to bring USHG colleagues together in an effort to assist in strengthening communities while building relationships with each other.  

We’ve experienced firsthand that when our colleagues actively give back to the community, they naturally become even better at taking care of one another and our guests.  So many of our businesses are doing wonderful work to advance Tenet 3 of the virtuous cycle of Enlightened Hospitality, whether by initiating volunteer projects, or hosting special events to raise funds for causes that matter to us.  And yet time and time again, we’ve heard from all kinds of employees who are eager to contribute even more from their hearts.

In my office is a photograph of the very first USHG Community Council team (see attached) that traveled to New Orleans to help rebuild Dooky Chase’s restaurant following Hurricane Katrina.  I look at that photo often - and with a lot of pride.  Eight years later, what stands out most to me is the number of leaders – many still with our company – who have continued to lead and to act from the heart. I believe that their experience on the Community Council contributed to their leadership journey, and hope you will consider being a part of this group.

Please be on the lookout for an email from Gretchen Garry and Tessa Naso for more information as to how we plan to get Community Council up and running in the next few months!