Subject: The Modern Reopens Tonight! – 9/16/2014

Dear Friends,

The torrents that rained on our beautiful space on August 17th brought a business that was open 7 days a week for almost 10 years to a screeching halt.  That day, our teams salvaged furniture and protected our spaces and when they left, none of us knew what that coming days and weeks would hold.

We were incredibly fortunate in so many ways.  No one was injured.  Our USHG support network was firing on all cylinders.  Our family of restaurants welcomed our teams into their homes and our leadership supported us with extraordinary care and resolve.  Our MoMA community was with us at every turn as the saga mounted.  We could not be more grateful for the extraordinary support we continue to receive.  And I could not be more honored, proud and inspired by the management team that not only kept our teams together, but gave all that they had to make us better in the process.  We were fueled by our teams who demonstrated strength, patience and trust.  Their incredible spirit was with The Modern all the while and we are truly grateful.    

The Modern is such a special restaurant and has become a meeting place where body and spirit are restored.  I have always reveled in walking into The Modern on a quiet morning, returning throughout the day to refuel on the palpable energy that thrives in the space.  The design as backdrop allows the living to breathe life into the space.  And it has been restored. I have missed that energy immensely and surely hope that you will be a part of it very soon. 

Abram and I are excited to share that we will be opening for dinner service in the Bar Room this evening at 5PM and the Dining Room will reopen on Wednesday at 5PM.  The season changed since we were last open and Abram is excited to share it with you.  We sure hope you’ll join us to raise a glass to opening a great next chapter for The Modern, our Teams and each of you.

Our teams have been challenged and have endured a great deal of unknowns, but your support and care lifted each of us and helped us to see that once we reopened, we would do so stronger, aligned and renewed.  We are excited!

With deep gratitude,

Dino and Abram