Subject: Congratulating Untitled – 10/16/2014

Dear Colleagues,

Three and a half years ago, on March 17th, 2011, Untitled was opened in the Whitney Museum. We knew from the beginning that the restaurant – and the Whitney’s remaining time on the Upper East Side - would be temporary, but we never treated it as such. In the years since, a small and dedicated team of 25 people has undertaken many changes and challenges, none so large as this Sunday, October 18th – their last service on the corner of Madison and 75th streets. The next day the Whitney museum closes to the general public as they begin their move to their new space at the bottom of the High Line, where a re-imagined Untitled will open next Spring.

I wanted to take this moment to congratulate the team at Untitled.  Most of the team members closing the restaurant have been a part of Untitled since the beginning, and their athleticism has been more on display than ever as we round the corner to the finish line. Their loyalty, integrity, service and hospitality shine as bright as ever and made them the proud face of Union Square Hospitality Group to the UES and Museum communities. And they end on an incredible high note, setting profitability records, both for the restaurant and for all of USHG!

And as one chapter closes, another begins. We made a commitment to the Untitled team that we would work with each of them to help define and plan their futures.  We’re proud to announce that the entire team has the next step in their careers planned, with many bringing their excitement, enthusiasm and expertise to other members of our USHG family, including The Modern, Marta, Union Square Cafe and Union Square Events.

To the incredible team at Untitled, we want to say thank you – for all that you’ve done and all that you will do. And I encourage all of USHG to stop up at the Whitney before the end of the day Sunday to wish them well on their next adventure!