Subject: A story of incredible athleticism to make us all proud – 11/25/2014

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!

As we enter into the holiday season, I am continually inspired by and thankful for the incredible talent and camaraderie inside USHG. This past week provided another example why.

I don’t know how many of you heard, but beginning last Wednesday, as a result of a ConEd issue, our friends at Union Square Cafe lost gas. As you might imagine, this obviously significantly impacted their ability to cook!

Demonstrating their extraordinary athleticism, the BOH team rallied together, working through creative ways to offer an alternative menu that didn’t require gas. One service became two. And then three. And then seven. All told, they went without gas for a total of FIVE DAYS!!  It wasn’t until Monday evening of this week that gas was finally restored.

Those five days generated so many incredible stories of our teams being so resilient and dedicated; truly coming together in powerful ways, supporting one another and continuing to create raves. There is a consistent thread running through all of those stories:

  • BOH and FOH supporting each other, coming together in extraordinary partnership
  • Maintaining such an incredibly positive attitude throughout the experience—along with coining the term “Gasless Gastronomy”
  • Receiving “raves” from many of our guests who were so impressed by what the team was able to pull off
  • AND—the way our other businesses lent a hand when it was needed most: Gramercy Tavern offering their ovens for pastry and USE offering kitchen space for Chef; Maialino and GT providing help with reservations; and Blue Smoke, Maialino and GT all providing family meal on different nights.

I had the opportunity to see the team on Monday evening when the gas was just starting to come back on and even though the past five days had been incredibly challenging, the positive energy was palpable and very, very inspiring.

I invite you all to send a note to our friends at USC to thank them for their dedication, passion and creativity!