From: Danny Meyer

Date: 1/30/2015

Subject: "What a Day"

Dear USHG Colleagues,

What an amazing day this has been!

Today marks the first day Shake Shack steps out on its own as a public company and it’s kind of impossible to imagine a warmer welcome from Wall Street and Main Street!  Shake Shack’s stock more than doubled on its first day of trading, signaling to the world that there is something special at work – something well beyond the awesome burgers, fries and frozen custard Shake Shack serves.

My sense is that today was an overwhelming validation for our culture of Enlightened Hospitality. The stories I heard today were stories of our people-first culture: our commitment to the journey of excellence, the pathways we’re providing to build meaningful careers and greater financial security, our continuous drive to innovate, the active concern we show for community, the honor and respect we pay our suppliers, and our desire to make a profitable and sustainable return for our investors by “standing for something good”.

I am humbled and moved by all that has led up to – and that has transpired – today, and couldn’t possibly feel more honored and proud of all we have created together. For Shake Shack, this the beginning of a brand new chapter, filled with enormous responsibility.  If you think our restaurants and businesses are highly scrutinized today, you ain’t seen nothing yet! 

Let me remind you that because of our close relationship to Shake Shack, we remain in an SEC-mandated “quiet period”, and so any questions you receive should be immediately forwarded to Edward Bragg, who heads up all communications for Shake Shack. If someone says “congratulations”, you are of course welcome to say “thank you”!

I am more excited than ever about what we’re going to create in the future for USHG. Let’s end today by honoring every ounce of the work it has taken to bring us here, and let us begin tomorrow confident that by applying our hard work and Enlightened Hospitality culture, even greater days lie ahead!

With great pride, gratitude and excitement……