From: Danny Meyer

Date: 5/11/2015

Subject: "Honoring Jeff"

Dear Colleagues,

By now you’ve received Jeff’s email announcing that he’ll be stepping down as USHG’s President.

I feel so much heartfelt gratitude for the priceless contributions Jeff has made to Union Square Hospitality Group over the past 6 years.  Largely as a result of Jeff's leadership, USHG is in the strongest position culturally, organizationally, and financially we’ve ever been in.  Jeff has played so many instrumental roles in building and strengthening the foundation that will provide USHG a long runway for growth in each one of those areas. 

I have cherished working closely with Jeff on a daily basis and have learned profoundly from him during the years we’ve worked together. 

One of Jeff’s greatest accomplishments was to initiate USHG's Executive Committee, whose members do such an outstanding job of directing and leading our culture, operations and growth.  USHG’s EC is now such a strong and cohesive working group that we are choosing not to replace the position of President at USHG.  Over the next month, Jeff and I will collaborate closely to transition his responsibilities to the EC, who will then report directly to me.  I am excited to work even more closely and directly with our leaders and businesses as we continue use our growth to advance our culture.  

For those of you whom I’ve seen in recent family meal lineups and discussions about Our Playbook you've likely heard me talk about using Setting the Table and USHG’s Family Values as a foundation for “moving forward with the basics.”  My confidence in that path is strengthened every day, and I am completely jazzed for USHG’s next chapter and all the opportunities that lie ahead.

Please join me in thanking Jeff for an incredible 6-year run with USHG, and wishing him well as he begins the next life’s chapter.