From: Danny Meyer

Date: 7/22/2015

Subject: Exciting News for Union Square Cafe

Dear Colleagues,

We are thrilled to announce that following a nearly 18-month search, Union Square Cafe has found a new home! Please treat this news as confidential for now until the New York Times shares the news publicly later on this afternoon.

Last night we signed a lease for an incredible location in Union Square at the corner of 19th Street and Park Avenue South, just a stone’s throw away from where we are today. We are beyond excited for USC's new home and for our USC colleagues. This team has consistently pushed the envelope on excellence and hospitality throughout a year in which they’ve wondered what the future might hold. USC will serve its last meal on 16th Street in December of this year, to reopen in spring 2016 in its new home.

We’re grateful to have found a landlord who firmly believes in our restaurant and its role in New York City. We will now have the opportunity to build a new home that is spacious, bright, and located on a bustling corner of Union Square. For the first time, we will be able to have a private dining room, bar room tables, nicer bathrooms, and even some outdoor seating – things our guests have been requesting for nearly 30 years!

We needed to be incredibly patient – and lucky – to be able to find a space this ideal, and one that is just steps away from Union Square Park, the Greenmarket, our regulars, and in the heart of the neighborhood we've called home for three decades. The new location provides the opportunity to design a 30-year old start-up.  It will feel like both the Union Square Cafe we know and love, and a new restaurant all at the same time.

Our new space is currently home to City Crab, which is co-owned by our new landlords, and I'm proud to share that USHG's People and Culture team has been working diligently on a plan to introduce any interested City Crab employees to opportunities within our USHG family of businesses. 

Securing the future of USC has been a top priority, and the journey to find USC's next home has taken imagination, persistence, and patience from so many people. In particular, I want to honor and thank USC Managing Partners Sam Lipp and Carmen Quagliata for the thoughtful leadership and hard work it took to get us to this moment. And I want to especially spotlight the role Richard Coraine has played in bringing about an outcome that is better than we ever could have imagined. By building a strong, trusting relationship with our new landlord, we are now set up to win for many years to come.

When I opened Union Square Cafe in 1985, my wildest dream was that one day the restaurant might grow to play an essential role in the lives of its stakeholders. I wanted our employees, guests, community, suppliers, and investors to feel that their lives were enriched in some measure because we existed. Union Square Cafe has done that and more. As we near the end of our time on 16th Street, I want to thank each of every one of our team members that have given their hearts and souls to this restaurant and made it what it is today. The future is very bright!