From: Danny Meyer

Subject: Maialino next to implement Hospitality Included

Date: 1/20/2016


Dear Colleagues,

I'm excited to let you know that Maialino will be our next restaurant to embrace Hospitality Included.  We committed that we would implement Hospitality Included in another business once we were confident in the successful results we were experiencing at our pilot at The Modern.  We are still learning and improving daily at The Modern, but that team has taught us that our approach works and their experiences and feedback will greatly enhance the roll out at Maialino.

When the leadership team at Maialino raised their hand and asked to be next, we knew the program would benefit from the restaurant’s strong vision, cohesive team, and unique service structure.

Your thoughtful questions, ideas, and suggestions have greatly helped shape our approach with Hospitality Included thus far, and we look forward to continuing the dialogue to further enrich the program.  To that end, The Modern Team will be hosting an employee town hall on February 9th from 3:30-4:30 pm at The Titus Theatre at MoMA (please arrive to The Modern entrance for directions)Members of The Modern Team will openly share from their experiences during the past couple of months and you’ll have a chance to directly ask front-line employees – as well as management – how things have been going.  I want to thank The Modern team for their extraordinary leadership and courage during this pilot as well as their willingness to be open and transparent with all of us about their experiences.

Please join me in congratulating the Maialino team on being the next to implement Hospitality Included, and keep your questions and ideas coming on Inside.USHG!