From: Sabato Sagaria

Date: 8/16/2016

Subject: ***Gramercy Tavern***


Dear Colleagues:

Please join me in congratulating the entire team at Gramercy Tavern on their amazing review in Wednesday’s New York Times.  When Ruth Reichl first weighed in on the restaurant in 1994, after being open only four months, she made an astute observation: the restaurant is improving every day. Each meal I have eaten has been better than the one before. At the moment, eating at Gramercy Tavern is a bit like drinking a great wine when it is still in the barrel. You can almost taste the future, and it appears extremely promising. Gramercy Tavern has everything it takes to make a great restaurant.”  I guess Ruth was pretty good at tasting barrel samples.  Over the past 7,978 days since, the team at Gramercy Tavern has done just that. 

Today’s glowing review is a testament to the meaning of team.  Anyone who has ever worked at Gramercy Tavern knows that each day is an opportunity to honor one’s colleagues, to reflect upon yesterday’s efforts, and then to figure out how to do things freshly – and even a little bit better today.  This review highlights the importance of recognizing past laurels – and never, ever resting on them!

Bringing a 22 year old restaurant to life every day with as Pete Wells calls “cheerful, wholesome, engaging, proactive…next level hospitality” encapsulates what continues to make Gramercy Tavern so special to so many.

Cheers to Gramercy Tavern!