From: Erin Moran

Date: 5/11/16

Subject: Congratulations GT and Angie!

Hi everyone,

The NYC Hospitality Alliance hosted an awards ceremony last night and I am so proud to share that both Angie Buonpane and Gramercy Tavern won awards!

GT won the “I ❤ Manhattan”  award (other nominees included Katz's Delicatessen, Sylvia's Restaurant  and RedFarm.  Congratulations, GT!  I am attaching a picture of Sabato accepting the award on their behalf.

Angie won the “Hearts of Hospitality” Award. This incredible honor Goes to an individual who is recognized for excellence in the profession of human resources in hospitality. (other nominees included Susan Spikes, Hill Country Hospitality and Yvonne Mancini, Crafted Hospitality).  I am also attaching a picture of Angie accepting the award to give you a sense of the evening.  One of the most amazing things about watching Angie win this award was hearing the boisterous clapping and shouting by her hospitality industry peers who chanted her name when she won the award.  Another highlight from the evening? As she stepped down from receiving the award on stage it took her about an hour to cross the room because everyone was stopping her, hugging her and congratulating her. 

Congratulations GT, and congratulations Angie!