Subject: **Marta Receives 2 Stars from NYT** - 12/2/2014


I’m thrilled to share Pete Wells’ 2 star review of Marta - the latest “NYT Critics’ Pick”!

In his incredibly solid review, Mr. Wells acknowledges that adding to the dialogue about pizza in New York is no small feat, and he recognizes Marta’s unique and valuable contribution to the story: focusing on an incredible crust and intelligent toppings that separate it from all the others.

The shout out to Marta’s beverage program is also fantastic, noting the breadth, value and extensive Champagne selection, and an excellent amaretto sour.  The hospitality focus gets a great closing plug as well: “Gosh darn it, everybody’s so friendly here.”

The review process is an intensive one. Congratulations to everyone on the team at Marta for standing up to the pressure, and for continuously improving the restaurant in the process. Your team work, passion, and drive has been so inspiring.