From: Sabato Sagaria

Date: 4/28/16

Subject: Hospitality Included at North End Grill

Dear Colleagues,

Today North End Grill becomes our third restaurant to implement Hospitality Included.

The journey to this point has been an inspiring demonstration of teamwork and Family Values. North End Grill took a strong foundation and made it their own. Kevin, Tim, and the entire dining room team created new best practices, while also executing the best practices developed by their colleagues. Chef Eric, Emily, and the culinary team worked hard to advance what Hospitality Included means for our kitchens, asking “whoever wrote the rule…” at every turn. Hospitality Included continues to grow and improve as each restaurant adds their collective wisdom and individual signature, and North End Grill proudly wrote an exciting next chapter.

All of this was made possible by the extraordinary effort paid forward by the teams at The Modern and Maialino, who were incredibly generous with their time and expertise. Even more importantly, they all exemplified Entrepreneurial Spirit by honoring their lessons learned and humbly sharing their experiences.

Please join me in congratulating the North End Grill team!