From: Erin Moran

Date: 7/29/2016

Subject: Exciting New Opportunities at USHG

Hi everyone!

On Tuesday we held USHG’s second “Danny Town Hall” of the year. These events are great opportunities to connect with others across the USHG family and for all of us to learn about what’s on the horizon for USHG. Thank you for sending your questions along with your businesses’ representatives, and while we didn’t get to every question, I hope we answered some of the biggest ones! You can watch the video online here.

At the Town Hall, Danny announced that we are opening a new business called “Daily Provisions” that will be next door to the new Union Square Cafe on 19th Street. If you are interested in learning more, sign up for an info session here.  We intend for this to be a gift to the neighborhood and won’t be sharing this publicly for several weeks.  Similar to the trust we placed in all of you by sharing Hospitality Included internally well before announcing it externally, we are asking for you to keep this information confidential within USHG.

Interested in other opportunities to learn and grow at USHG?  We’ve added dozens of new opportunities to our Learning and Development program and invite you to check them out here.

Hope to see you soon!