From: Danny Meyer

Subject: The election and beyond

Dear USHG Colleagues,

If you are anything at all like me, you have found this campaign season to have been unsettling on many fronts.  In my lifetime, I don’t recall experiencing this level of passionate disagreement and rancor amongst contestants and their supporters, nor a campaign environment that has made people feel so tense and upset.

These past months have not necessarily brought out the best in us as a country, but our system of voting – the foundation upon which this democracy is built – gives each one of us the opportunity to express our judgment on where we should head as a nation. 

Please, for whomever you choose to vote, I urge you to exercise your right and your responsibility to VOTE.


If you have any questions on how or where to vote, or simply want to be prepared by previewing the ballot, Google “VIEW MY BALLOT”, and all questions including voting hours will be answered.  If you need to take extra time from your day to vote, please alert your manager as soon as you’re able, and all accommodations will be made.


The roller coaster of news we’ve all been reading and hearing about on TV has created an unprecedented level of acrimony between all parties.  Though it has been hard to imagine what our country will feel like the morning after we’ve selected our next President, it’s crucial that we do so with intention.  It’s important to understand that no matter who wins - an enormous amount of healing and, importantly, listening needs to happen for us to move forward as one nation. 

Now, more than ever, USHG is in a unique position to play a positive and powerful role in bringing people together, one guest at a time.  For it is at the table – breaking bread, sharing a meal, speaking and listening civilly to one another – that people are most meaningfully able to connect and find common ground.

Enlightened Hospitality encourages each of us to care first for one another, so that we can then do the same for our guests.  You play an essential role in the future of our community, first and foremost by caring for yourself.  Get some sleep, some exercise, or whatever it takes to take care of you. That will put you in a much stronger position to reach out to your family, friends, colleagues, and ultimately our guests – each one of whom needs some healing as well.  Practice thoughtful acts of kindness, generosity and love.  And give lots of hugs.  Everyone else needs one right now, and as a bonus, you will get one back!

We are entering the busiest part of our year, a time when thousands of our guests will be relying on us to make them feel just a little bit better through the power of our hospitality.  I love our country and love our company.  I don’t believe I am overstating things when I say that we can make a lasting difference for one another, for everyone who walks through our doors, and for bringing people back together after what has been a long, exhausting election season.

Let’s do this!