So you think you want to transfer!

Part of being Hospitality's Best Career is the ability to grow your career in your business and across all of USHG. If you are looking at a role in another business, it's important you follow these simple steps:

  1. IMPORTANT: Before you begin, let your current people manager know about your interest in the position and that you want to apply for the opportunity

  2. If you are just exploring an opportunity, you do not need to tell your people manager, but you should reach out to the Recruiting or Talent Manager at USHG at to help with the exploration process.

  3. Every internal candidate applying for an open position will receive an interview

  4. All candidates will have reference check with their people manager. This is why it's incredibly important they hear about your interest from YOU, not another manager!

If you are invited to trail in another business as part of the interview or exploration process, you should:

  1. Ensure that your people manager is aware and it works with your home business’ schedule.

  2. When you arrive for your trail, you abide by USHG’s Time and Attendance Policy: clock in at the start of the trail, clock out and in for any break taken, and clock out at the end of the trail.

  3. Leave a comment for your manager in UTA to confirm that you trailed, and at which business, during the hours worked.