USHG Learning and Enrichment Opportunities for All Employees

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We offer Learning opportunities to support your professional growth within USHG.  You will be paid at your regular base rate of pay when you attend these Learning opportunities. Before enrolling in a training, please speak with your people manager.

New Hire Orientation

An introduction to USHG for all Employees.  This 4-hour training includes:

Enlightened Hospitality 101:  Who We Are

An introduction to Union Square Hospitality Group, Our Family Values, and what makes our system of hospitality ‘enlightened.’  The course includes a brief history of our businesses and organization.  Participants will also learn USHG buzzwords and concepts including skunking, charitable assumption, agents and gatekeepers.

Benefits:  Why USHG?

An introduction to the Perks of working at USHG.  Review opportunities for medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as how and when to enroll.  Learn about our 401k Plan (with company match!), flex spending, Pre-tax Transit sign up, discounts at local businesses, and our employee discount dining program

Respect in the Workplace

How can we best take care of one another?  Awareness is the first step to contributing to a safe and comfortable work environment.  Understand how your language and behavior impacts your team to create a positive atmosphere.  Through discussion, surface real-life examples of difficult situations and how to navigate them.

English as a Second Language Training

We are thrilled to offer ESL training for hourly employees.  ESL will be offered in 12-week modules, and employees are expected to commit to all 12 classes within each module.  This class is to all non-native English speaking employees who wish to improve their English language skills. Anyone interested in participating should connect with their Chef, GM, or Director and reach out to


We offer additional opportunities to continue your personal and professional education.  These opportunities are optional, and you will not be paid for attending our enrichment programs.

Hospitality and Service Seminar with Danny

Danny Meyer himself leads this 90-minute service seminar, which covers every aspect of service – from the greet to the clear to the check. If you want to know what makes USHG’s style of service so special, start here. Classes will be scheduled for early 2020

Nurturing Growth

Explore the possibilities for growth at USHG through career planning, review transfer policy and expectations, and reflect on how you’d like to grow here.

Getting the A: Food Safety

In this class, we will review food safety and sanitation practices, and evaluate service scenarios to decide the best response. Share tips to keep your guests and staff healthy, propose responses to potential health hazards in the workplace