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The Legal Department handles a broad range of legal and compliance issues as they arise from every business within USHG.  The Legal team drives operations forward while managing risk and ensuring compliance.  This includes maintaining proper corporate governance, reviewing contracts, working through employee relations issues with the Human Resources team, managing our intellectual property portfolio, protecting our brand through licensing agreements, obtaining and maintaining liquor licenses and working with our landlords and partners (such as hotels and museums), among many other things.

Avisheh Avini General Counsel

Avisheh Avini
General Counsel

Sarah Rosen Associate General Counsel

Sarah Rosen
Associate General Counsel


Reasons to contact Legal

Creating new businesses

The team helps with everything from forming a new business (ensuring the most efficient structure and that the name and branding are available to us; making sure that agreements for new business accurately reflect operational needs and protect against risk)

Protecting current businesses

The team handles issues with landlords, vendors, and guests, managing use of our brands, etc.  If you have an operational change that you’re looking to make, we can help – by ensuring that your agreements are airtight and that you are complying with any governing agreements (such as a lease or management agreement) and any applicable laws (liquor, for example).

Contract Review

The team helps with any and all types of contracts, including agreements defining the scope of our new and existing business, agreements with vendors and suppliers and private dining agreements, among many other types.  When the team reviews these agreements, we make sure that all operational needs are accounted for, and that we are appropriately protected against risk.