Marta (Flatiron)


Hospitality Included

Space Pitch: From private dinners to holiday champagne & pizza parties – and everything in between – Marta has a variety of private and semi-private spaces to accommodate groups of up to 150 guests.

The second floor of the Redbury Hotel, with food from the Marta team, also has a variety of private events spaces. Please contact Kristine (info below) to learn more.

Food Pitch: Inspired by a traditional roman pizzeria – set in New York City – Marta features an energetic open kitchen with two wood-burning ovens churning out thin, crackly-crusted pizzas and an open grill that celebrates the Italian tradition of cooking “alla brace” – over open embers. The menu is a blend of the classics as well as original inventions showcasing seasonal and local ingredients. The beverage menu includes an award-winning wine & champagne list, seasonal cocktails, and a beer list featuring Italian and local selections. 

Average Per Person Costs:
*Includes menu and Classic beverage selection


$100pp Seated Pizza 3 course lunch
$120pp Seated Marta 4 course lunch
$100pp Standing lunch event


$150pp Seated event
$125pp Standing event


PDR: 18 (Se)
Mezzanine: 28 (Se), 30 (St)
Full Restaurant Buyout: 130 (Se), 200 (St)
Bar Marta: 35-60 (Se) - depends on round vs. long table, 75 (St)

Terrace: 40 (Se), 60 (St)



Lunch: $750
Dinner: $1000


Lunch: $1,000
Dinner: $2,250  

Bar Marta:

Lunch: $2,000
Dinner: $4,000

Full Restaurant Reservation

Inquire within - pricing subject to seasonal availability.

Terrace & 2nd floor: Pricing is subject to event date, time & format

Beverage Packages:

Cocktail Party Format:

Cocktail (for a 3 hour time frame only). Additional cost if over 3 hours

Classic Selections $45 pp
Featured Selection $65 pp
Premium Selections $85 pp

Seated Event:

Classic Selections: $45 pp ('house' red and white wine, beer) 

Featured Selection: $65 pp ('featured' red and white wine, beer) 

Premium Selections: $85 pp (2 red, 2 white, beer) 

Lunch Menu Pricing:

Pizza Lunch, 3-course: $55 pp
Marta Lunch, 4-course: $75 pp

Dinner Menu Pricing:

4-course, family style: $105 pp

*Additional courses, hors d'oeuvres, and snacks can be offered at an additional cost. Require within

Reception Pricing (Mezzanine):

Lunch/Brunch: $55 pp
Dinner: $80 pp


Liz Scodari, Private Dining Coordinator, Marta

Emma Landau, Private Events Sales Manager Redbury