North End Grill (Battery Park City)


Hospitality Included

Space Pitch: North End Grill's newly constructed Private Dining Room is the perfect place for intimate celebrations, corporate gatherings, or parties. They offer a seasonal, prix-fixe menu tailored to your preferences. The room accommodates up to 18 seated and is available for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.

Food Pitch: North End Grill features Chef Emily Brekke’s rustic, traditional Tuscan cooking. The menu offers classic antipasti, hand-rolled pastas, steaks, game, and seafood cooked simply on the restaurant’s wood-burning grills. The menu is complimented by a thoughtful selection of Italian wines and amari with seasonal produce from the rooftop garden.

Average Per Person Costs:

Lunch: $80
Dinner: $145


Private: 18 (Se), 25 (St)
Full Restaurant: 110 (Se), 220 (St)



Breakfast: $300
Brunch: $300
Lunch: $300
Dinner: $1,000

Full Restaurant Buyout:

Lunch/Brunch: $16,000
Dinner (Tues-Sat): $45,000
Dinner (Sun & Mon): $35,000

Beverage Packages:


Standard Beverage Package: $68 pp for 3 hours, $20 supplement for each additional hour
Premium Beverage Package: $78 pp for 3 hours, $18 supplement for each additional hour
Beer & Wine Package: $58 pp for 3 hours, $15 supplement for each additional hour
Add a Scotch Plank: $24 pp
Champagne Toast to Start: $22 pp

Full Restaurant Buyout:

Included in Buyout Price w/ one red wine, one white wine, one sparkling wine chosen by our Beverage Director. Well liquors & draft beer. All non-alcoholic beverages.

Additional Packages:

Premium Beverage Package: $2,500 (includes premium liquor and wine selections)

Scotch Tasting Bar: $2,500 (additional bar for the cocktail hour with a selection of scotches from around the world)

Breakfast/Brunch Menu Pricing:

Continental: $30 pp
Breakfast: $50 pp, sides $10 pp supplement
Brunch: $60 pp, sides $10 pp supplement

Lunch Menu Pricing:

Express lunch: $52 pp (Ideal for parties with time restrictions of an hour or less)
3-course, 3 choice prix fixe: $68 pp

Dinner Menu Pricing:

3-course, 2 choice prix fixe: $85 pp
3-course, 3 choice prix fixe: $125 pp
Land & Sea dinner, 3-course prix fixe with shellfish plateau: $200 pp
Sides: $10 pp supplement
Cheese: $25 pp supplement

Reception Pricing:

$20pp / 30 minutes / Choose 3
$30pp / 45 minutes / Choose 5
$40pp / 60 minutes / Choose 5

Raw bar: $30 pp / hour
Charcuterie & cheese: $20 pp / hour (we request 72 hours notice)


Mia Lieberman, Private Dining and Catering Sales Manager