USHG Career Newsletter Info

The USHG Career Newsletter is sent to all managers on the first of every month.  It links every open position to a live job application and links each restaurant logo to its home website. The Newsletter is intended to speak to both external and internal audiences so managers are encouraged to forward along freely!  

Here is our latest volume, the August 2016 Career Newsletter.

To view our businesses career opportunities at any time you can visit the USHG Careers Page.

Contact Jeff Turok at to add managers to the mailing list or make any job posting edits!

Tip #1:  USHG Talent Acquisition recommends updating your business' postings for the newsletter by the 25th of each month in order to circulate the most up to date information. 

Tip #2:  USHG Talent Acquisition advises you to post only for active job searches rather than leaving them live after the position has been filled. Posting on a need basis contributes to an enlightened hiring process with the idea that proper timing ensures that great 51% candidates remain interested and aware of our opportunities!