Name: Jeff Turok

Business: North End Grill

Position: Bar Manager

Why do you want to be a part of the mentor program?: I want to be a part of the Mentor Program in order to gain access to the amazing intelligence and talent outside of North End Grill. While I have made great relationships throughout the company, the Mentor Program could provide the structure to procure a really meaningful relationship. Fresh perspective and a different personality are also two things that are appealing to me. When I think about 'next steps' for my career, I feel like there is a lot to gain through the mentorship program- and I am optimistic this program will help me grow and mature in this company. I have been in a leadership role in different capacities at North End Grill, and I think this would be a great way to flip roles back into that of the student, as I am not done developing. One of the greatest benefits working for this company I have received has been a more matured emotional intelligence, which I believe has made me a better person in and out of work. I will continue to look to add further my emotional intelligence whether or not I am selected, however, I believe this program could help me further my maturing process as a human being.

What areas of growth do you want to focus on through the mentor program?: I would like to learn someone else's success story and try and learn approaches that help them make success a reality. I would love to learn about my mentor's style of management and add to my tool box, in that respect. Also, I would love to learn techniques on self-motivation and team motivation. I thrive on motivating myself and others, but I would love to develop a more diverse motivational skill set. Additionally, I would love to sharpen my excellence reflex and intuitive qualities with someone from the higher ups in this company. I truly believe the 51% can have a personality and style of delivery, and I would look to observe and implement new approaches in that sector. Lastly, just becoming a better professional would be an objective I'd address. Diligence, organization, communication, and decorum come to mind as avenues of professionalism that I could learn from my mentor. All this, while remaining open to things I haven't thought of that my mentor would want to teach me!