Open Enrollment 2016 Quick Guide

Already have insurance?  Click here for information about the changes happening to your current insurance plan.

Our official Open Enrollment period is August 15th - September 9, 2016

Benefits become effective October 1, 2016.

All changes will first appear in your October 12th paycheck.

Before you start:

  • If you are accessing UltiPro from a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) please make sure you select "View Desktop Version"
  • You can navigate open enrollment using the steps on the left side of the page:


  • You can also go step by step using the navigation buttons on the top right of each page:

Step 1: Access Open Enrollment

  • Select open enrollment from the home screen in UltiPro
  • OR you can find open enrollment under "Myself" in the top navigation

Step 2: Select your Open Enrollment session

Step 3: Verify beneficiaries and dependents 

  • Please Note: A dependent can be enrolled in any benefit plan in which you enroll
  • Review/update current dependent(s) by selecting the name link
  • To enroll a dependent in a benefit you will need his/her birth date and social security number
  • To add a dependent use the "Add" button

Step 4: Enrolling in Medical, Dental and Vision plans

  • You have the option to enroll in Medical, Dental and/or Vision insurances plans
  • If you want to enroll, select one of the following benefit options:
    • Employee only
    • Employee + child(ren)
    • Employee + family
    • Employee + spouse
  • To add a dependent to a benefit plan you will be required to include additional information such as birth date and social security number

Step 5: Reviewing and Submitting Elections

  • Review the election information on the Confirm Your Changes page
  • Review the elected (or declined) benefit(s) including covered dependent(s) and cost information
  • If you want to make changes, return to the applicable page by selecting the appropriate step on the left hand side
  • If you are not finished or want to double check your elections, save to Draft to complete the election at a later time (use the "Draft" button in the Navigation bar)
  • Once your are 100% sure your elections are final, select the "Submit" button in the Navigation Bar
  • Select Submit ONLY when you are 100% certain your enrollment is final

Step 6: Confirm your elections

  • After you Submit the confirmation page appears
  • You may wish to print the Confirmation page to keep for your records

Congratulations! You have completed Open Enrollment!