Open Enrollment 2018 Quick Guide

Quick Links:

Our official Open Enrollment period is August 26th - September 16th, 2019

Benefits become effective October 1, 2019.

All changes will first appear in your October 10th paycheck.

Before you start:

  • If you are accessing UltiPro from a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) please make sure you select "View Desktop Version"

  • This year Open Enrollment is ACTIVE!  This means all employees who are currently enrolled in USHG Benefits, AND all employees who are eligible to participate, AND all eligible employees who wish to decline benefits, must log into Ultipro to complete a Life Event

  • Check out this video here for step by step instructions for completing Open Enrollment

Step 1: Access Open Enrollment

  • Select open enrollment from the home screen in UltiPro

  • OR you can find open enrollment under "Myself" in the top navigation

Step 2: Select your Open Enrollment session

  • Once selected, you can navigate open enrollment using the steps on the left side of the page

  • You can also go step by step using the navigation buttons on the top right of each page:


Step 3: Verify beneficiaries and dependents 

  • Please Note: A dependent can be enrolled in any benefit plan in which you enroll

  • Review/update current dependent(s) by selecting the name link

  • To enroll a dependent in a benefit you will need his/her birth date and social security number

  • To add a dependent use the "Add" button

Step 4: Enrolling in Medical, Dental and Vision plans

  • You have the option to enroll in Medical, Dental and/or Vision insurances plans

  • If you want to enroll, select one of the following benefit options:

    • Employee only

    • Employee + child(ren)

    • Employee + family

    • Employee + spouse

  • To add a dependent to a benefit plan you will be required to include additional information such as birth date and social security number

Step 5: Reviewing and Submitting Elections

  • Review the election information on the Confirm Your Changes page

  • Review the elected (or declined) benefit(s) including covered dependent(s) and cost information

  • If you want to make changes, return to the applicable page by selecting the appropriate step on the left hand side

  • If you are not finished or want to double check your elections, save to Draft to complete the election at a later time (use the "Draft" button in the Navigation bar)

  • Once your are 100% sure your elections are final, select the "Submit" button in the Navigation Bar

  • Select Submit ONLY when you are 100% certain your enrollment is final

Step 6: Confirm your elections

  • After you Submit the confirmation page appears

  • You may wish to print the Confirmation page to keep for your records

Congratulations! You have completed Open Enrollment!