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The Operations team works directly with the businesses to ensure excellence in the areas of guest experience, purchasing, compliance, facilities, wine and beverage, private dining and other areas of the day to day business operations. The team has direct interactions with business leaders and managers on a daily basis to ensure the business runs effectively and efficiently. The team also manages vendor relationships to ensure we continue the virtuous cycle of enlightened hospitality.

Ron Parker Chief Operating Officer

Ron Parker
Chief Operating Officer

Diana DeCicco Associate Director of Purchasing and Compliance

Diana DeCicco
Associate Director of Purchasing and Compliance

Sabato Sagaria Chief Restaurant Officer

Sabato Sagaria
Chief Restaurant Officer

Kevin Richer Director of Operations

Kevin Richer
Director of Operations

Sabato Sagaria

  • Oversees all restaurant operations including glassware, linens, flatware, food & wine options, consulting and maintenance; invested in guest experiences (monitors, Venga statistics, etc.), new sales & marketing initiatives/opportunities
  • Active HI Advocate including; media requests, speaking engagements/panels
  • Active support for Executive Chef’s and GM’s
  • Runs All Leadership meetings

John Ragan

  • Works with Operations Department as well as all restaurants to ensure excellence
  • Works with Wine Directors / Bar managers in all outlets to ensure excellence of all of our beverage programs and offerings
  • Holds internal Wine Class at the Home Office for all USHG employees and all external classes for the public at ICE; hosts many educational opportunities at the Home office for USHG employees as well
  • Works closely with Operations team on many initiatives such as Centralized Reservations, Private Dining advances, Hospitality Included and others

Kevin Richer

  • Oversees Centralized Reservations
  • Guest Relations department – connecting Reservations, GEM, and Operations across all of our businesses in an effort to enhance our guest experience through excellence in hospitality
  • Oversee operational excellence oversee Blue Smoke 27th Street, Blue Smoke Flatiron, Jazz Standard and North End Grill

Diana Decicco

Purchasing for Home Office and Businesses 

  • Purchasing for Home Office on a higher level including ImageTech, Dairyland & M-Tucker
  • Pricing for Major Vendors: sourcing lower price items and vendors (ex: shipping, office supplies, facilities supplies)
  • New Vendor Inquiries: linen, chemicals, disposables, food, other vendors as needed
  • Help with service issues with our vendors
  • Leads USHG’s “Purchasers Email Group” for purchasing managers

Compliance for Businesses

  • Food Safety Training (Food Safety 101, On-site Food Safety Training, Grade Advice, Assistance for registering for NYC Food Protection Course, HACCP Training & HACCP Plan Writing)
  • Mock Inspections
  • In-person assistance provided during inspections or via phone
  • Resolving Violations
  • Contact before making facility changes to ensure it is compliant.
  • Handles all permit/license renewals
  • Workplace Safety

Facilities for Home Office and Businesses

  • Contact for maintenance/facility issues, construction projects and preventative maintenance.

Edgardo Costas