People and Culture

The People and Culture team supports all of USHG’s employee relations including hiring, training, career development and progression, insurance and benefits, conflict resolution, payroll/paychecks, communication and support within the Home Office and in our businesses.  People and Culture can be reached via email, or by phone at (646) 747-7272 regarding any employee, management or business inquiries.  

Reasons to Contact People and Culture

Attracting Talent:

Interviewing Hiring and Training - Stephanie Jackson
Summer Internships - Jeff Turok
Career Coaching - Gretchen Garry
Talent Acquisition for all USHG Businesses - Jeff Turok
Benefits - Alexis Ching
Welcoming Atmosphere and Reputation - ALL

Hiring and Onboarding

Employee Transfers - Donna Estruch
How to Onboard - Diana Cheng
New Hire Orientation - Catherine Hines
Home Office Onboarding - Catherine Hines
Home Office Trails/Meet and Greet - Catherine Hines
Hiring in Ultipro - Andrea Dacres
Hiring Reporting and Support - Jeff Turok
Systems and Process - Angie Buonpane

Training and Developing

Designing Team Offsites - Stephanie Jackson
Curriculum Design - Stephanie Jackson
Hospitality Included Career Progression - Stephanie Jackson / Gretchen Garry
Training and Development - Catherine Hines
Training New Hires - Diana Cheng
Career Coaching - Gretchen Garry
Mentor Program - Gretchen Garry
UTA Support - Diana Cheng
Recruiting Training - Jeff Turok
Strategic Development for Talent Acquisition - Jeff Turok
Progressive Discipline, Coaching and Counseling Training - Angie Buonpane
People Operations Support - Gretchen Garry and Angie Buonpane

Assessing and Recognizing

Caught Doing Right programs - Chip Huffman
Prioritizing USHG Efforts - Erin Moran
Access to UltiPro - Diana Cheng
All Employee Survey - Gretchen Garry
Performance Management - Gretchen Garry

Compensating and Supporting

Payroll/Paycheck Inquiries - DOnna Estruch
UTA Questions -
Benefits Questions - Alexis Ching
Home Office Support - Lindsey Neutzman
Visitor Support - Lindsey Neutzman
Compensation Reports - Diana Cheng
PTO Audits - Diana Cheng
Tax and W2 Inquiries - Andrea Dacres
Payroll Processing - Andrea Dacres

Communicating, Connecting, and Inspiring

Business Intranets - Chip Huffman - Chip Huffman
Hospitality Included - Chip Huffman
Communicating within USHG - Chip Huffman