Paid Time Off and Parental Leave

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we implementing a Parental Leave Program?

At USHG, we are committed to being a company where hospitality professionals can build and advance their careers. We understand that what people need out of a career can evolve over time, particularly when it comes to balancing life needs with professional aspirations. We believe passionately that by offering this benefit and by expanding the parameters of eligibility, USHG will retain more of our talented people.

What is Parental Leave?

Parental Leave is paid time off for when you, your spouse, or committed domestic partner experience the birth or adoption of a child. Paid parental leave must be used concurrently with eligible FMLA* leave (and within a year of the birth or adoption).

Who is eligible for Parental Leave?

We are proud to announce our new Parental Leave Program, for ALL full-time employees who have been with us for at least one year, effective January 1, 2017. We are extending this benefit to all new parents, mothers, fathers, committed domestic partners for the birth or adoption of a child.

How much time is being offered as part of this program?

For all employees, the Parental Leave benefit is paid as follows:

- First 4 weeks paid at 100% of your base rate of pay (not including revenue share), for 40 hours a week.
- Weeks 5 through 8 are paid at 60% of your base rate of pay (not including revenue share), for 40 hours a week.

How is this program connected to our Paid Time Off Program?

Parental Leave is not deducted from your PTO benefits, but is in addition to your PTO benefit.

What happens to my health benefits during my Parental Leave?

Health insurance benefits will continue to be provided during this paid parental leave, as well as your 401(k) benefit. After 8 weeks, if need be, employees must contact the Accounting Team in their location to start making payments for health insurance (if applicable) for the duration of FMLA.

Are there any additional benefits available for “birth mothers?”

If you are the birth mother, you will need to file for Short Term Disability (STD) benefits under our New York State plan. The People and Culture team is on point to make this process as easy as possible for you. Please contact us at for the forms and the support in filing your claim. In the event your leave is greater than 8 weeks, this benefit will cover you at the rate of $170 per week until you are able to return to work. (Please note: STD will only last for the length of time your doctor approves)

What is Paid Time Off?

“Paid Time Off” (PTO) is time that you accumulate as an employee that entitle you to get paid when you aren’t working.

How do I take advantage of this benefit?

Your PTO bank can be viewed at any time in UltiPro: select Myself > Benefits > PTO. Requests forms must be submitted and approved by a manager, and the sooner that you submit your requests, the better the chance that it will be approved. PTO request forms can be found by clicking here.

What happens to my PTO when I transfer?

Upon transferring from one USHG business to another, employees will carry their Paccrued and unused PTO to their new position.

What if I leave USHG (on good terms of course!) and return – what happens to my tenure?

Boomerang employees (those who leave and return) will retain their entire tenure with USHG.

What if I don’t use all of my PTO?

Your PTO hours can be carried forward from year to year, but your available PTO bank can never exceed the maximum amount that you are eligible for in a given year. PTO can’t be used as part of or an extension to your resignation notice period nor will it be paid out upon termination.

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