PTO Program for Non-Exempt (Hourly) Employees

All of our hourly employees “accumulate” hours to use as Paid Time Off (PTO) with every hour you work, beginning on the first day of employment. Those hours add up over time. As long as you are not at your maximum (indicated in the chart below), with each hour your work, you accumulate more. And once you use even a single hour of PTO, you begin accumulating again! All PTO is paid out at your “base” hourly wage.

Here's how the PTO bank is calculated for non-exempt (hourly) employees:

PTO Calculation.PNG

What about holidays

Our businesses each have their own holiday schedule, though some are open 365 a year. Please check with your manager regarding your business’s holiday schedule. You can elect to request PTO for the days when your business is closed if you have accumulated enough.

What if I leave USHG (on good terms of course!) and return – what happens to my tenure?

Boomerang employees (those who leave and return) will retain their entire tenure with USHG.

What are the finer details of this program? (such as the things our lawyers make us include :)

Unless otherwise defined by local or state laws, a full-time employee works 30 or more hours every week. For all full-time hourly employees, the first 40 hours of accrued and used PTO are considered to be the fulfillment of New York City’s Earned Sick Time Act (The Sick Leave Act defines this as time to care for yourself, or a family member, schedule a medical appointment, or for any health-related need that requires time off.).

A requested “day” of PTO is 8 hours. Employees who are scheduled for less than 8 hours may request PTO in 4 hours increments. PTO is paid at the employee’s base hourly pay rate at the time the PTO is taken

Although you may be granted a full work day as approved Time Off you are only paid for accrued Time Off available to a maximum of 8 hours for any calendar day.

Using PTO for Sick Days or Planned Health Reasons

Requests for PTO that are made in advance (between 1 and 7 days) must be requested in 4 hour increments (except where local or state laws differ). Requests for paid time off made “same day” may be requested in 1 hour increments. Please remember, you are only paid for available accrued PTO.

Employees with lengthy illnesses or chronic conditions may be entitled to medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (please see the USHG Policies & Guidelines). Please contact the People & Culture Team if you have a condition that requires you to miss significant time at work.