Restaurant Tours

USHG Talent Acquisition has found great success with Restaurant Tours!  The experience can be tailored to run anywhere from 30-60 minutes, and the amount in attendance can range from approximately 10-15 people.  

The recruiting opportunity allows for connections to be made between Culinary or Hospitality trained students and business leaders. Recommendations for content include, but are not limited to; the restaurant story, leader's bios, cuisine, unique aspects and offerings, work life, career growth path, and what the business looks for from desirable candidates.  

Granting access to live spaces to illustrate content and then having a place to retreat for a Q & A session is a general dynamic recommended for the tour.  

Generosity is encouraged during these tours and has included information packets, pastries, coffee, and send-a-ways, but is certainly not required.  Please contact Jeff Turok at to schedule a tour for the upcoming season!