How do I determine the right plan for me?

Looking for an explanation of how our 3 Medical plans differ? Check out some videos here or read more below.

Comprehensive and preventive healthcare coverage is important in protecting you and your family from the financial risks of unexpected illness and injury. A little prevention usually goes a long way—especially in healthcare. Routine exams and regular preventive care provide an inexpensive review of your health. Small problems can potentially develop into large expenses. By identifying the problems early, often they can be treated at little cost. Comprehensive healthcare also provides peace of mind. In case of an illness or injury, you and your family are covered with an excellent medical plan through Allied/Aetna Signature Services.

Union Square Hospitality Group offers you a choice of three PPO medical plans. With the PPO, you may select where you receive your medical services. If you use in-network providers, your costs will be less. There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding which plan is right for you and your family.

  • Copays: the amount of money you pay for medical services, hospitalization, diagnostic services or prescriptions.

  • Deductible: the amount of money you pay before the insurance company pays for anything. The deductible resets every January 1.

  • Coinsurance: the percentage of cost you share with the health carrier for services after the deductible has been met. The coinsurance resets every January 1.

  • Coinsurance maximum out of pocket: the most amount you will pay for coinsurance in any calendar year.


  • Do your doctors and medical providers participate with the Allied/Aetna Signature Services program? Review the provider directory on Allied website at to search for participating providers. Click on Aetna Signature Administrator tab to begin your search.

  • How many times did you use the medical and/or pharmacy program last year?

  • Are there upcoming life events or medical procedures that you anticipate for next year?

  • Do you take maintenance medications on a daily basis? Mail order is a convenient and cost effective way to manage your medication.

  • Take the time to review the 2019 Pharmacy Drug List (PDL) and review Tier 1 medications with your provider.

Medical Plans

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Dental Plans

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