Medical Plan

1.     Allied will continue as the Third Party Administrator, however the platform will be moved to the Aetna network to take advantage of         better discounts, a stronger provider network and substantial savings.

2.    The emergency room co-payment has increased from $150 to $250.

3.      Out of network deductibles have increased on the Mid and High plan. 

a.     Mid plan deductible increased from $1,000 (individual)/$2,000 (family) to $2,000/$4,000.

b.    High plan deductible increased from $500/$1,000 to $1,000/$2,000.

c.    High Plan Specialist co-pay increased from $20 to $30

4.      All employees will receive a new Allied/Aetna ID card before October 1st.

5.      You will receive targeted communications on how to:

a.    Find an Aetna provider

b.    Seek alternatives to costly emergency room visits

c.      Understand quality and savings associated with using participating provider  


Express-Scripts, Inc. (ESI) Pharmacy Plan

1.     There are no changes for 2016


Cigna Dental and Davis Vision Plans

1.     There are no cost or plan changes for 2016.


Employee Cost Share for 2016

We did a thorough analysis of employee cost share program.  The goal was to continue to offer a comprehensive and affordable employee benefit program that supports our compensation program. The 2016 cost share structure is based on salary, plan and coverage elected (employee, couple, employee plus child, and family).


The following is a summary of plan design changes for 2016. 

1.       We have adjusted the employee contributions for the lowest salary tier to include all employees who make less than $55,000 (as compared with $50,000 in prior years).

2.      Weekly cost share increases have been structured to provide a smaller increase to employees participating in the Low with graduated increases to the Mid and High option.



Unum Additional Voluntary Benefit Programs

Responding to rising employee interest in additional benefit offerings, we are pleased to announce three plans available to employees.

1.        A term life insurance offering

2.       A supplemental short term disability insurance

3.       An accident indemnity plan that pays cash benefits after an employee experiences on or off the job injuries.

These programs are completely at our employee’s discretion and will be offered during open enrollment when we all receive detailed information related to the plan benefits and costs.