USHG’s Blog is a place for you to tell us a little more about yourself! We’ll share your stories both internally (on Inside USHG & The Square) and externally on the USHG website. What should you write about? Here are some thought starters, but feel free to take it in another direction!

  • Recipes

    • Home Chef Friendly (cups/tbsp. vs. metric); can be from a menu in your business or your favorite recipe that your mom always made. Explanation of why you chose that recipe.

  • How I got here

    • Have you worked in a variety of positions across USHG before coming into your current position? Do you have an interesting story about how you first got to USHG? Where you grew up and when you moved to NYC?

  • Travel

    • Did you go on an amazing trip recently? Tell us about it – did you have a favorite dish or drink from the trip? Where’s it from – insider tips from restaurant industry team members are definitely in demand J

  • Day in the Life/Favorite NYC spots/day off/Recommendations

    • What does your typical day off look like? What are your favorite places to spend time? What are your favorite bars/restaurants and why do you love them? Any hidden gems we should know about?

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